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💬 VS Code extension to work with Fluent, the correct-by-design l10n programming language

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Fluent is a Mozilla's programming language for natural-sounding translations. And vscode-fluent is a VisualCode Studio extension to improve developer experience while working with this language.


  • Syntax highlight
  • Show syntax errors
  • Code Action to extract a string to Fluent files
  • List file symbol (⇧⌘O on Mac, Ctrl+Shift+O on Linux and Windows)
  • Hover support on messages
  • Breadcrumbs support
  • Go to message definition from a reference

Code Action

Extract string to FTL

Using the code action "Extract to Fluent files" you can easly extract a string to from source code to all FTL files on your project.
To open the code action menu, you should select a string (including its quotes) and then type ⌘ + . (or Ctrl + .).

You can change the replacement template using the configuration vscodeFluent.replacementTemplate.

By default, the message will be added to all Fluent files on the workspace. But if you are working on a workspace with multiple projects, and each project has its Fluent files, you won't want mix messages between the projects. To avoid that, you should use the configuration vscodeFluent.projects, and add on it each projects's root path. See the bellow image for an instance.

How to develop vscode-fluent


The syntax is written on a YML file. Before to run the extension on VSCode, you should compile it to JSON.

> npm run build-syntaxes


You can run the extension using the Run Extension task on VSCode.


You can run the automated tests using the Test Extension - No Workspace and Test Extension - With Workspace tasks on VSCode.

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