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Joda Money example for Play and Slick

Sample Play framework application to demonstate using Joda Money.

This includes:

  • template helper for rendering currency input - views/helper/inputCurrency.scala.html
  • form mapping for nested values - app.models.JodaMoney.jodaMoney
  • implicit conversion from a (currency, amount) tuples to Money values - app.models.JodaMoney.tuple2Money
  • Slick persistence using the MySQL DECIMAL(13,3) column type.

This example requires Java 7, for the use of java.util.Currency.getDisplayName in the page template. To use Java 6, replace this with a message look-up from the messages file, generated on Java 7 with:

    import scala.collection.JavaConverters._ {
      currency => s"currency.${currency.getCurrencyCode} = ${currency.toCurrency.getDisplayName}"

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