Awesome Open Source
Awesome Open Source


My personal collections of plugins and mappings for vim|neovim.

It works with tmux, and it's used for ruby, elixir, bash, and javascript.


It's nice to dig into other people's vim files and see how they do things. Feel free to do that.

I try to leave comments telling what each line does:


  • Install Neovim
  • Clone the project git clone [email protected]:lucasprag/vimlociraptor.git ~/.config/nvim/
  • Install ripgrep
  • Install Plug
  • Install ctags
  • Install bat for syntax highlighting when fuzzy finding
  • run nvim \+PlugInstall \+q
  • run nvim and press SPC


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Javascript (1,048,460
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Elixir (16,563
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Tmux (3,870
Vimrc (2,251
Ctags (910
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Spacevim (82