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Kledex is a .NET Standard framework that can be used to create a simple and clean design by enforcing single responsibility and separation of concerns.

Its advanced features are ideal for Domain Driven Design (DDD), Command Query Responsibilty Segragation (CQRS) and Event Sourcing.

With Kledex you can automatically dispatch events to a message bus (Service Bus or RabbitMQ), validate your commands before they are sent to the command handler (FluentValidation) and automatically cache the result of your queries (Memory or Redis).

Full Documentation: Kledex Wiki.

Main Flow

Send Command Flow



Package Latest Stable
Kledex Nuget Package

Store Providers

Package Latest Stable
Kledex.Store.Cosmos.Mongo Nuget Package
Kledex.Store.Cosmos.Sql Nuget Package
Kledex.Store.EF.MySql Nuget Package
Kledex.Store.EF.PostgreSql Nuget Package
Kledex.Store.EF.Sqlite Nuget Package
Kledex.Store.EF.SqlServer Nuget Package
Kledex.Store.EF.InMemory Nuget Package
Kledex.Store.EF.Cosmos Nuget Package

Bus Providers

Package Latest Stable
Kledex.Bus.ServiceBus Nuget Package
Kledex.Bus.RabbitMQ Nuget Package

Validation Providers

Package Latest Stable
Kledex.Validation.FluentValidation Nuget Package

Caching Providers

Package Latest Stable
Kledex.Caching.Memory Nuget Package
Kledex.Caching.Redis Nuget Package


Package Latest Stable
Kledex.UI Nuget Package

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