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Debug Recipes

It is a repository of my field notes collected while debugging various .NET application problems on Windows (mainly) and Linux. They do not contain much theory but rather describe tools and scripts with some usage examples.

The 💾 icon before a section name means that materials in a given section are no longer updated and may be outdated.

I hope you will find the materials helpful. Any contribution is welcome.

👉 I also authored the .NET Diagnostics Expert course, available at Dotnetos 🌶 Academy. Apart from the theory, it contains lots of demos and troubleshooting guidelines. Check it out if you're interested in learning .NET troubleshooting. 👈

General advice

Make sure you have valid symbols configuration in your system. If you are debugging a .NET application you may first check the .NET debugging tips.


Application execution problems

Database connectivity

.NET Web Applications



Slow queries X X
Blocked requests X X
Indexes problems X X
I/O problems X
Server problems X X



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