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Simple TeX CV


Simple yet tasteful LaTeX templates of CV and cover letter with matching styles.

These templates are based on the letter class and all code is included in the cover.tex and cv.tex files. Although the lack of a dedicated .cls file is not a prime example of good LaTeX coding practices, these templates provide anyway good decoupling between formatting and content and they are easy to understand.


This project provides a Makefile to build CV and cover letter in PDF format. The supported targets are:

  • all: build CV and cover letter
  • cv: build CV
  • cover: build cover letter
  • clean: remove temporary files created by pdflatex (i.e. *.out, *.log and so on)
  • deepclean: remove all files removed by clean as well as the compiled PDF files of CV and cover letter
  • docker-<target>: execute any of the preceding target inside a Docker container


These templates are released under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE.txt.

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