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A PHP Transpiler for (Inky), the templating language made for the ZURB's Foundation for Email framework.


You can install this bundle using composer

composer require lorenzo/pinky

Usage and Examples

Basic Usage

use Pinky;

$transpiled = Pinky\transformFile('path/to/file.html');

// $transpiled is an instance of DOMDocument
echo $transpiled->saveHTML();

You can transpile strings directly:

use Pinky;

$transpiled = Pinky\transformString('<row>Contents</row>');
echo $transpiled->saveHTML();

And you can also transpile many files or strings in batch:

use Pinky;

$files = [$path1, $path2, $path3];

$transpiled = Pinky\transformManyFiles($files);
foreach ($transpiled as $result) {
    echo $result->saveHTML();


See the LICENSE file for license info (it's the MIT license).

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