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Cordova plugin to get the device accounts on Android

Requires the android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS permission.


cordova plugin add


  • plugins.DeviceAccounts.get(onSuccess, onFail) : get all accounts registred on device
  • plugins.DeviceAccounts.getByType(type, onSuccess, onFail) : get all accounts registred on device for requested type
  • plugins.DeviceAccounts.getEmails(onSuccess, onFail) : get all emails registred on device (accounts with '' type)
  • plugins.DeviceAccounts.getEmail(onSuccess, onFail) : get the first email registred on device or undefined


  // accounts is an array with objects containing name and type attributes
  console.log('account registered on this device:', accounts);
}, function(error){
  console.log('Fail to retrieve accounts, details on exception:', error);


Tested with:

  • Cordova 3.3
  • Android 4.4

Should work with Android API level 5+ and Android >2.2, but not tested.

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