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AutoPilot Deno - Cross-platform desktop automation framework for Deno.


  • [x] Keyboard

    • [x] Type a string using .type
    • [x] Tap a key using .tap
    • [x] Toggle key using .toggleKey
  • [x] Mouse

    • [x] Simulate mouse movement using .moveMouse
    • [x] Click using .click
    • [x] Simulate a scroll using .scroll
    • [x] Get mouse position using .mousePosition
    • [x] Get mouse position pixel color .pixelColor
  • [x] Screen

    • [x] Capture screen using .screenshot
    • [x] Get screen size using .screenSize
    • [x] Get number of pixels in a point using .screenScale
  • [x] Notifications

    • [x] Native popup using .alert
    • [x] Notifications using .notify


Detailed documentation of the API is available at:



sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libdbus-1-dev x11-xserver-utils wmctrl libxtst-dev cmake libc-dev libx11-dev libxcb1-dev


deno run --unstable --allow-ffi example.ts
// example.ts
import AutoPilot from "";

const pilot = new AutoPilot();

// type a string
await pilot.type("Yay! This works");
// get screen size
const screenSize = await pilot.screenSize();
// move mouse
await pilot.moveMouse(200, 400);
// take a screenshot
await pilot.screenshot("screenshot.png");
// ...and more stuff


MIT License.

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