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BoomHash - is a python script which uses several online hash crackers to find the clear Text of any hash.
You may have asked yourself, "How do hackers take my password, if the website owner can't?" The answer is simple. When a website stores your login password for the site, it is run through a cryptographic hash function before it enters the database, this script can destroy any hash ! see the Features bellow !!

Features of Boom-Boom:

  • [x] Detects hash
  • [x] MD5 Support
  • [x] SHA1 Support
  • [x] SHA2 Support
  • [x] Adding more APIs for SHA1 and SHA2
  • [ ] Support for more hashes will be added on request

Installing and Using Boomhash

Open your terminal and enter :

git clone

Now enter the following command :

cd Boomhash

Now run BoomHash Script by entering :


Now you can enter any non-salted MD5/SHA1/SHA2 hash to crack it.

You can crack any hash in 5 seconds ! simply


There isn't much to contribute but you can add support for more hashes and can add more APIs for SHA-1 and SHA-2.


I would gladly take any ways to improve in both my how-to's and my coding. Finally, feel free to test this code out :D

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