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This is a part of my diploma thesis on computaion of integral cohomology algebra of modular 2-groups. This Haskell library offers some basic abstractions and methods for computations in terms of the group algebra Z[G] and automatic construction of cocycle traslations for computation of the cup-product.


For more details about the work, see the following publication:

  • Hochschild cohomology ring of the modular group
    Abstract: A description in terms of generators and relations is given for the cohomology ring and the Hochschild cohomology ring of the group algebra for the even modular group over the ring of integers. The free resolution of the trivial module described by Wall is used for that. Moreover, the bimodule resolution of the group algebra in question is described.

  • This code uses the sparse-lin-alg Haskell library


The code is present here just for the sake of sharing the approach that I used in my research.

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