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Free Laravel e-commerce for business
composer create-project lanhktc/s-cart

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About S-cart

S-Cart is a free e-commerce website project for businesses, built on the Laravel framework. Our highest goals are aimed at general users:

  • Customers do not need to know much about technology.
  • Powerful system, many useful functions.
  • Easy to access, easy to use.

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S-Cart functions:

======= FRONT-END =======

- Multi-language
- Multi-currency
- Shopping cart
- Customer login
- Product attributes: cost price, promotion price, stock..
- CMS content: category, news, content, web page
- Module/Extension: Shipping, payment, discount, ...
- Upload manager: banner, images,..
- SEO support: customer URL
- API module
- Support library plugin, template

======= ADMIN =======

- Admin roles, permission
- Product manager
- Order management
- Customer management
- Template manager
- Module/Extension manager
- System config: email setting, info shop, maintain status,...
- Backup, restore data
- Report: chart, statistics, export csv, pdf...



Version 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 4.x

Core laravel framework 6.x Requirements::

- PHP >= 7.2
- OpenSSL PHP Extension
- PDO PHP Extension
- Mbstring PHP Extension
- Tokenizer PHP Extension
- XML PHP Extension
- Ctype PHP Extension
- JSON PHP Extension
- BCMath PHP Extension

Installation & configuration:

How to map your domain to s-cart? CLICK HERE

Step1: Install last version S-cart

Option 1: From composer

composer create-project lanhktc/s-cart

Step2: Set writable permissions for the following directories:

Option 2: From github

git clone s-cart

Then, install vendor:

composer install

Option 3: Download full source (included vendors)

Step2: Set writable permissions for the following directories:

  • storage
  • vendor
  • public/data
  • bootstrap/cache

Step3: Step3: Create database

- Create a new database. Example database name is "s-cart"

Step4: Install

Option 1: Install automatic

Access to install S-cart.

Then, remove or rename file public/install.php

Option 2: Manual installation

If installing with link "install.php" unsuccessful, you can install it manually below.

- 1: Import file database/*.sql to database.
- 2: Rename or delete file public/install.php
- 3: Copy file .env.example to .env if file .env not exist.
- 4: Generate API key if APP_KEY is null. 
  Use command "php artisan key:generate"
- 5: Config value of file .env:
APP_DEBUG=false (Set "false" is security)
DB_HOST= (Database host)
DB_PORT=3306 (Database port)
DB_DATABASE=s-cart (Database name)
DB_USERNAME=root (User name use database)
DB_PASSWORD= (Password connect to database)
APP_URL=http://localhost (Your url)
ADMIN_PREFIX=sc_admin (Path to admin)
DB_PREFIX=sc_ (Must be "sc_" because it is fixed in the .sql file)

Step5: Install completed

  • Access to url admin: your-domain/sc_admin.
  • User/pass admin/admin


S-Cart is licensed under The MIT License (MIT).


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