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PPP over XMPP (jabber)

It creates a TAP interface and allows you to use the XMPP (jabber) as PPP tunnel.



The project is in the stage of "proof-of-concept". Therefore, the configuration is done by editing the application main file. Sorry for this.


var PPPoverXMPP = require('pppoverxmpp')({
	'interface': 'tun1',
	'ip': '',
	'gateway': '',
	'mask': '',
	'login': '[email protected]',
	'password': 'poweroverwhelming',
	'gatewayContact': '[email protected]',
	'debug': true

login and password - from you jabber account. Do not use Jabber clients simultaneously using PPP over XMPP.

gatewayContact - authorized user from contact list. Another instance of PPP over XMPP should be connected to this account.

id - adress of current device in PPP network

gateway - usually the address of another device

mask - IPv4 subnetting reference (networking mask)

interface - name of network interface created in system

After configuring run application from superuser.

Run another instance of application on gatewayContact with same networkMask and try use ping command for test.

Additional features

Tou can have access to node-tuntap and xmpp-client instances by PPPoverXMPP.tuntap and PPPoverXMPP.client properties.


  • Depency module node-tuntap very unstable.
  • Some XMPP provider very slow

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