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Jquery Timeago3,8261612 months ago49April 23, 201945mitJavaScript
:clock8: The original jQuery plugin that makes it easy to support automatically updating fuzzy timestamps (e.g. "4 minutes ago").
Jquery Timepicker1,86110314a month ago45August 24, 202316mitJavaScript
A javascript timepicker plugin for jQuery inspired by Google Calendar.
Datepair.js355211a year ago7April 22, 20219JavaScript
A javascript plugin for intelligently selecting date and time ranges, inspired by Google Calendar.
204 years agoJuly 27, 201461JavaScript
jQuery plugin to show time since or time until a specific time
Rails Timeago21458352 years ago43March 04, 20223mitRuby
A Rails helper for time tags that can be used with the jQuery Timeago plugin.
Jquerytimeautocomplete11614 years ago1November 05, 20182otherJavaScript
jQuery autocomplete plugin that works with times. Works basically the same as Google Calendars time input when you add an event. Example:
8 years ago4mitJavaScript
jQuery schedule time picker plugin
7 years ago4JavaScript
jQuery clock plugin - display 12-hour or 24-hour time notation, local or UTC time.
Jquery Runner52
14 years ago1March 04, 201412mitCoffeeScript
A runner/stopwatch plugin for jQuery
Nodejs Socketio Chat App33
4 years agomitJavaScript
MEAN Stack & Socket.IO Real-time Chat App | A MEAN stack based Real Time chat application
Alternatives To Jtimer
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It's a jquery plugin for time that control the time with a structure like strftime with a high perfomance.

How it work

When you use jTimer for get time with a structure that contains second you run an interval of 1 second, but when you use it for get time with a structure that contain: (minute you run an interval of 60 second, hours ==> interval of 3600 second, day, month....).

  • So it improve perfomance by reducing the interval.


npm install jtimer


npm test

Usage on Browser

<script src=''></script> // call jquery
<script src="jTimer.min.js"></script> // call jTimer script
  • jTimer don't work with jQuery 3.0.0 and higher.

Time format

%ss ==> Secondes 
%mm==> Minutes 
%hh ==> Hours 
%d ==> day(0-31) 
%dd ==> number of dayWeek(0-6)
%D==> day of week(sunday,Saturday...) 
%DD ==> short dayWeek(sun,mon...) 
%LL ==> mini dayWeek(su,mo...) 
%M ==> monthes(January,Fev...) 
%MM ==> mini monthes(jan,dec..)
%m ==> monthes(1-12) 
%y ==> year
// the default format output of jTimer() is : %D %d %M %y 
// the default language of jTimer is : Arabic 

jTimer Language

AR ==> Arabic
AR-GR ==> Arabic Gregorian
AR-MG ==> Arabic Maghrebic
EN ==> English
FR ==> Francais
AZ ==> Azérie 
DE ==> Deutch
IT ==> Italien
AF ==> African
ES ==> Espagnol
ID ==> Indonesian
PT ==> Portuguese
// Language propertie is a insensitive-case

jTimer Usage

$(document).ready(function() {
var dom=$(".heure");
}); // They will output the time in selected element

look here for demo

jTimer Add new language

  • You now that we don't have all language in jTimer so you can add new language to jTimer, first set true to change propertie to allow language changing, then add 12 month as an array to propertie monthArray, and 7 day week also like an array to dayArray, also specify the propertie shift that control long of the short day (sunday ==> Sun ...).
$(document).ready(function() {
var dom=$(".heure");
monthArray=[],// define 12 month like an array by your language
dayArray:[],// define 7 day of week
shift:3// define how long it the short day of week and month (sunday ==> sun, january ==> jan)
}); // They will output the time in selected element


jTimer is freely distributable under the terms of the MIT license

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