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pbmcapply: tracking the progress of mc*apply in R.

A package helps you track and visualize the progress of parallel version of vectorized R functions (mc*apply).


Please check this blog article for an comparasion between available methods to track progress in R.

Notice: Parallelization (mc.core > 1) works on *nix (Linux, Unix such as macOS) only due to the lack of fork() functionality, which is essential for mcapply, on Windows.


Stable release on CRAN

Version: CRAN version Download count

Package page:

Install pbmcapply by pasting this command in your R console:


Development release on Github

Version: GitHub release Build Status

Project page:

Build pbmcapply by pasting these commands in your R console:

install_github("kvnkuang/pbmcapply", ref = "dev")


Many thanks to all contributors for their time and effort to make this project better.


MIT license

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