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Installation process

How toWhat's insideTestingLicense

⭐️ Approach

There is a setup script which run as installation process.

🚀 Installation

# using curl
curl -sSL | python3

# using wget
python3 -c "$(wget -O -"

# or if you have clonned repository

📮 What's in the box?

I loved my . It was fast and enjoyable. But I have switched to NeoVim. The main reason is that Vim is slowly maintained and async support is not best. NeoVim is the future 😄. Here's how my new setup looks like:

NeoVim setup

NeoVim shortcuts

  • git messenger:
    • open commit info ,+g+m
  • ale:
    • next issue ]+w
    • previous issue [+w
    • auto fix ,+f
  • jedi, deoplete:
    • go to command ,+d
    • go to assignments ,+d
    • show documentation K
    • show usages ,+u
    • command completions ctrl+space
    • rename command ,+r
    • up in popup ctrl+k
    • down in popup ctrl+j
  • nerdtree:
    • open/toggle ,+n+n
    • find open file ,+n+f
    • open mirror (usefull with multiple tabs) ,+n+m
  • fzf, ripgrep, buffers:
    • fuzzy file search ctrl+f
    • fuzzy grep search ctrl+g
    • open file in new tab ctrl+t
    • open file in vertical split ctrl+v
    • open file in horizontal split ctrl+x
    • open buffers F11
    • last buffers F12
  • split panels:
    • move to left panel ,+h
    • move to right panel ,+l
    • move to upper panel ,+k
    • move to lower panel ,+j
  • else:
    • syntax sync F5
    • remove trailing spaces F6
    • set paste/nopaste F8
    • retab F10
    • open neovim configuration ,+v


  • split panels
    • open sessions tree ctrla+s
    • move to left panel alt+h
    • move to right panel alt+l
    • move to upper panel alt+k
    • move to lower panel alt+j

command line (zsh, fzf)

  • recent commands:
    • command completions ctrl+space
    • previous command ctrl+k
    • next command ctrl+j
    • insert sudo before command ESC+ESC
    • last command fuzzy search ctrl+r

👌 Testing

In an attempt to ensure that this dotfiles setup will always work on a brand new, clean machine. I use the docker image in this repository to apply this repository to a clean Ubuntu 19.10 container.

🛑 License

WTFPL Like the license said. 😝

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