Simple Codable NSURLSession wrapper, ideal for new or existing projects and code challenges. Works with Codable, Decodable for responses and Encodable for requests. Used in Clean Architecture.


CocoaPods Carthage compatible Swift Package Manager compatible Swift 5 Platforms License

Super Easy Networking is simple and convenient wrapper around NSURLSession that supports common needs. A framework that is small enough to read in one go but useful enough to include in any project. It is fully tested framework for iOS, tvOS, watchOS and OS X.

  • Super Minimal and Light implementation
  • Easy network configuration
  • Works with Decodable for responses and Encodable for Requests
  • Friendly API which makes declarations of Endpoints super easy
  • Easy use of Data Trasfer Objects and Mappings
  • No Singletons
  • No external dependencies
  • Simple request cancellation
  • Optimized for unit testing
  • Fully tested
  • Ideal for code challenges


Endpoint definitions:

struct APIEndpoints {
    static func getMovies(with moviesRequestDTO: MoviesRequest) -> Endpoint<MoviesResponse> {
        return Endpoint(path: "search/movie/",
                        method: .get,
                        headerParamaters: ["Content-Type": "application/json"], // Optional
                        queryParametersEncodable: moviesRequestDTO)

API Data (Data Transfer Objects):

struct MoviesRequest: Encodable {
    let query: String
    let page: Int

struct MoviesResponse: Decodable {
    struct Movie: Decodable {
        private enum CodingKeys: String, CodingKey {
            case title
            case overview
            case posterPath = "poster_path"
        let title: String
        let overview: String
        let posterPath: String

    private enum CodingKeys: String, CodingKey {
        case movies = "results"
    let movies: [Movie]

API Networking Configuration:

struct AppConfiguration {
    var apiKey: String = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
    var apiBaseURL: String = ""

class DIContainer {
    static let shared = DIContainer()

    lazy var appConfiguration = AppConfiguration()

    lazy var apiDataTransferService: DataTransferService = {
        let config = ApiDataNetworkConfig(baseURL: URL(string: appConfiguration.apiBaseURL)!,
                                          queryParameters: ["api_key": appConfiguration.apiKey,
                                                            "language": NSLocale.preferredLanguages.first ?? "en"])

        let apiDataNetwork = DefaultNetworkService(config: config)
        return DefaultDataTransferService(with: apiDataNetwork)

Making API call:

let endpoint = APIEndpoints.getMovies(with: MoviesRequest(query: "Batman Begins", page: 1))
dataTransferService.request(with: endpoint) { result in

    guard case let .success(response) = result, let movies = response.movies else { return }


CocoaPods: To install it with CocoaPods, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'SENetworking'

Then pod install and import SFNetworking in files where needed

Carthage: To install it with Carthage, simply add the following line to your Cartfile:

github "kudoleh/SENetworking"

Then carthage update and import SFNetworking_iOS in files where needed (e.g. for iOS platform)

Swift Package Manager: To install it with Package Manager:

Xcode tab: File -> Swift Packages -> Add Package Dependency 
Enter package repository URL:

And then import SFNetworking in files where needed

Manual installation: To manually install it:

Copy folder SENetworking into your project


Oleh Kudinov, [email protected]


MIL License, Open Source License

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