Common generator scripts for all client libraries
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Common generator scripts for all client libraries


Client Support Level

Client Support Level

Client Support Level

Generating a client

To generate a client, first make sure the client generator exists. For any language other than go, check openapi/ folder for a script with ${CLIENT_LANGUAGE}.sh and run this command:


SETTING_FILE is a bash script exporting required setting to generate a client. These are normally:

  • KUBERNETES_BRANCH: The kubernetes branch to get OpenAPI spec from. e.g. "master"
  • CLIENT_VERSION: Client version string. e.g. "1.0.0b1"
  • PACKAGE_NAME: Package name for the generated client. e.g. "kubernetes"

Example settings file for python-client:

export KUBERNETES_BRANCH="master" export CLIENT_VERSION="8.0.0b1" export PACKAGE_NAME="client"

Note: For generating the client for any language, the PACKAGE_NAME should be "client". You can use the latest version for the CLIENT_VERSION. It's displayed here for the python-client ( kubernetes-client/python ), and similarly for other language clients.

Recommended structure is to generate client in a folder called kubernetes at the root of the client repo and put all settings in a file named settings at the root of the repo. If you followed these recommendations, you can simply run autoupdate script anywhere inside the client repo:

cd ${CLIENT_ROOT}/...


Please see for instructions on how to contribute.

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