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MessagePack for R6RS Scheme

This is an implementation of MessagePack for R6RS Scheme.

API references

Function (pack! bv message)
Function (pack! bv message offset)

Pack message to message pack format bytevector and put it into the bv destructively. Given bv must have enough length to hold the message.

Optional argument offset indicates where to start with, default is 0.

Function (pack message)

The same as pack! but this one creates a new bytevector.

Function (pack-size message)

Calculate the converted message size.

Function (unpack bv)
Function (unpack bv offset)

Unpack the given message format bytevector to Scheme object.

Optional argument offset indicates where to start with, default is 0.

Function (get-unpack in)

Unpack the given binary input port to Scheme object.

Conversion rules

As you already know, Scheme doesn't have static types so the conversion of Scheme objects to message pack data might cause unexpected results. To avoid it, I will describe how conversion works.

Scheme to message pack

Integer conversion

The library automatically decides proper size. More specifically, if it can fit to message pack's fixnum then library uses it, so are uint8-64. If the number is too big, then an error is raised. Users must know it tries to use uint as much as possible. If the given number was negative then sint will be used.

Floating point conversion

Unfortunately R6RS doesn't have difference between float and double. So when flonum is given then it always converts to double number.

Collection conversion

Message pack has collections which are map and array. And these are associated with alist (association list) and vector respectively. When you want to convert alist to message pack data, then you need to make sure the cdr part will be the data and if you put (("key" "value))_ then it will be converted to nested map.

The collection size calculation is done automatically. It tries to use the smallest size.

Message pack to Scheme

The other way around is easy, it can simply restore the byte data to Scheme object. Following describes the conversion rules;

Positive fixnum -> integer
Negative fixnum -> integer
uint8, uint16, uint32, uint64 -> integer
sint8, sint16, sint32, sint64 -> integer
Map -> alist
Array -> vector
fixstr, str8, str16, str32 -> string bit8, bit16, bit32 -> bytevector

Tested Scheme implementations

Sagittarius Scheme

Mosh Scheme


Your contributions are always welcome.


  • More testing
  • Extended type handling

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