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Awesome Open Source


Python 2.x

A simple modification of the very useful SimpleHTTPServer python script originally made to add gzip compression. It now supports gzip, zlib, and deflate with gzip as the implicit default.



Use latest from Docker Hub

Navigate to folder you want to share files from.

docker run -v $PWD:/tmp/share -p 8000:8000 ksmithorn97/gzip-http-file-server

Alternativly change $PWD to the folder you want to share.

Local Docker

docker-compose up

Automatically shares files in the share folder.

With Python 2.x


This will start a localhost server on port 8000. You should see this in your terminal:

Serving HTTP on port 8000 ...

To run on a different port use:

python --port=8080

For more options run:

python --help

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