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462 years ago66January 25, 2022mitSwift
A circular progress bar for iOS written in Swift
React Native Circular Slider7531114 years ago2January 07, 201725mitJavaScript
React Native component for creating circular slider :radio_button:
9 years ago1Objective-C
Beginnings of a fun animation project in UIBezierPaths, inspired by Timely for Android
Animated Clock Icon247
5 years agomitKotlin
Easy-to-use animated clock icon for Android
7 years agoJava
Imitate the honor phone's clock(仿华为荣耀时钟效果)
Clock Weather Card157
18 hours ago24otherTypeScript
A Home Assistant Card indicating today's date/time, along with an iOS inspired weather forecast for the next days with animated icons
Humanbeans Clock143
4 years ago1otherDart
3 years ago7gpl-3.0Java
A custom view for circular progress animation on Android.
8 months ago5mpl-2.0Swift
MultiClock is a screensaver for macOS that displays the time using 24 clocks
5 years ago12Python
Divoom timebox CLI utility
Alternatives To Vga_project
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A couple of tips to help you get started because I did not comment my code very well at all and it might be confusing.

For those of you working on sprite animation, the latest commit to top.v has the sprite animation code in it, but it is commented out. Some aspects of the code may be unclear to some of you so if you need to reach me to ask any questions at all, my email is [email protected] . Also, make sure you delete the portion of my code in top.v that has to do with line drawing.

There used to be a design source for the project called clock_divider.v and I urge you not to use it. Delete it from your project, this component was replaced by the clock wizard IP.

For simulation purposes, it might benefit you to use an alternate set of timings that will help you determine whether or not your code is working without having to wait 20 minutes to see real results in your simulation (it takes about 17 ms to write each frame which is FOREVER in hardware and many of your projects will need to simulate more than one frame for code verification purposes). The simulation timing values have been edited out and there is a comment I have put. Uncomment them for simulation and use the real values if you run synthesis/implementation.

For those of you seeking to run synthesis/implementation and really test your designs on a monitor, you will need to make sure you have added the constraints file to your project! The constraints file is here on GitHub, make sure the things you want have been correctly commented/uncommented. If you need help loading the bitstream onto your FPGA if you have a Mac, here is a helpful link:

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