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A Development Center for the ZeroNet. Tutorials on ZeroNet Zite Development, Collaboration, and Questions

Our Goal is to provide useful information, tutorials, and help to those who want to develop Zites in order to inspire more development on the ZeroNet. This site will not teach the basics of front-end web development (this may change in the future). This site only focuses on ZeroNet-specific development, including the ZeroFrame API.

Finished Tutorials

Tutorials In Progress

Tutorial Ideas

  • Database Basics
  • User login
  • Building a basic dynamic zite
  • Client-Side Routing (pushState, etc.)
  • Setting Up Git/Github with ZeroNet
  • How siteowner can modify each users' data.json file
  • Optional Files
  • Encrypting User's Private Data
  • Merger Zites
  • How Certificate Authorities Work

Want to Write A Tutorial?

If you would like to help me out and write a tutorial, either from one above or one you come up with that you think is needed, simply create an Issue detailing what you want the tutorial to cover and (anytime you think of it), it's outline. This allows people to talk about what the tutorial should or shouldn't include.

Since I don't have a system up for creating tutorials on the zite, you will have to do it through Github for now. Simply fork this repository and create your tutorial in a markdown file in the tutorials directory. Once you have completed the tutorial, create a pull request. Then, the tutorial will go through a review for corrections, additions, deletions, etc. If the people involved agree that the tutorial is well enough to be published, I will merge the pull request.

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