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Open link to new pull request with provided/current branch directly from (neo)vim.

Works with Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab out of the box. Can be extended.


Using vim-packager

function! PackagerInit() abort
  packadd vim-packager
  call packager#init()
  call packager#add('kristijanhusak/vim-packager', { 'type': 'opt' })
  call packager#add('kristijanhusak/vim-create-pr')

  "Optional packages, but highly recommended
  call packager#add('sodapopcan/vim-twiggy')
  call packager#add('tpope/vim-fugitive')


Through command line (Can be autocompleted):

:PR branchname

Or if you want to use current branch, just omit the branch name


If you are using vim-twiggy, select a branch from list and press pr.

If you want to open only repository page in browser, run this:



Additional git services

To add your custom git service to the list, add g:create_pr_git_services variable to your vimrc, using example below:

let g:create_pr_git_services = {
\ '': '{{owner}}/{{repository}}/merge_requests/new?merge_request[source_branch]={{branch_name}}'
\ }

Make sure key name ( in example above) is part of the string returned from this command:

git config --get remote.origin.url

Custom browser

Default browser is used by default, when available (xdg-open, open on mac). To use custom browser, add g:create_pr_browser to your vimrc with executable name.


let g:create_pr_browser = 'firefox'
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