smartcam linux part (kernel module + gtk application)
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Razer Laptop Control332
a year ago29gpl-2.0Rust
Project to create driver/software to control performance of razer laptops
6 months ago20Python
rkflashkit is an open source toolkit for flashing Linux kernel images to rockchip rk3066/rk3188/rk3288 etc. based devices. It's programmed with python and gtk2.
Smart Os17
4 months agoShell
Build a smart operating system
3 years agoShell
PKGBUILD's for Arch Linux
Tc Open Vm Tools7
8 years agoShell
Tools to build open-vm-tools for TinyCoreLinux
9 years agoC
a unix like kernel,Can be running Bash,Xorg Server.
6 years agomitC#
C# convolution filter for image processing
11 years ago1gpl-2.0Shell
smartcam linux part (kernel module + gtk application)
11 years agoC
Simple sniffer kernel module
7 years agootherC
Modified version of libzbc from hgst/libzbc r04 branch
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What's new in version 1.4.0 ? Compatibility with version 1.4 of the Symbian application, meaning WiFi support and better resolution. 1. Installation/compilation on PC Install the .deb file; to install from source: ./configure make & make install To compile and install the driver: download the src package from sorceforge and from the driver_src directory type: make -C /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build M=`pwd` After successfully compiling the driver you should have the file smartcam.ko. 2 Installation on phone Just transfer any of the files from /usr/share/smartcam/phone_installs (SmartCamS602ndEd_v1_4.sis or SmartCamS603rdEd_v1_4.sis) that match your phone on your mobile and follow the installation instructions. 3. Running Before running smartcam, the driver must be loaded in the kernel; if not the PC application is pretty much useless. To load the driver, open a shell as root in src/driver path and type: /sbin/modprobe videodev /sbin/insmod smartcam.ko After this start the application on the PC, start the phone application and connect it to your PC. You should now see video images on the PC application window. 4. 3rd party applications SmartCam was tested on Ubuntu 9.04, kernel version 2.6.28-11-generic SmartCam works with Skype, Ekiga, aMsn and gstreamer (launch gstreamer-properties, go to the video tab, Default Input, and press Test to see if it is supported by gstreamer). Unfortunately it doesn't work anymore with Kopete. Enjoy :)

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