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Material components for React

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React components based on styles from Material Design Components Web project. Components are written in React.js. Doesn't use MDC foundation classes.


From CDN

<script src=""></script>

From package manager

npm i --save react-mdc-web


Default theme

  • Include CSS with default theme into HTML page
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="[email protected]/dist/material-components-web.min.css">
  • Or import it into JS/JSX file
    // MyApp/index.js
    import 'material-components-web/dist/material-components-web.min.css';

Custom theme

Override default theme colors with Sass or with CSS Custom Properties, just follow these guides:


import React, { Component } from 'react'
import {Card, CardHeader, CardTitle, CardText, CardActions, Button} from 'react-mdc-web/lib';

class MyComponent extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
              Title goes here
            Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, sint adipiscing ius eu
            <Button compact>Save</Button>
            <Button compact accent>Remove</Button>

More samples could be found on the Documentation Site

Contribution & Local Development Guide

  1. create parent folder react-mdc-web-dev
  2. clone/fork react-mdc-web inside the react-mdc-web-dev folder
  3. create app for testing (for example: git clone
  4. should now have folder with react-mdc-web-showcase and react-mdc-web folders inside of it.
  5. cd react-mdc-web-showcase
  6. npm rm --save-dev react-mdc-web
  7. npm i --save-dev ../react-mdc-web
  8. npm i --save-dev material-components-web
  9. npm start
  10. cd ../react-mdc-web
  11. npm run watch


MIT, see LICENSE for details

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