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Programmatically collect normalized news from (almost) any website.

Filter by topic, country, or language.

Created by but you do not need anything from us or from anyone else to get the software going, it just works out of the box.



While working on newscatcherapi - JSON API to query news articles, I came up with an idea to make a simple Python package that would allow to easily grab the live news data.

When I used to be a junior data scientist working on my own side projects, it was difficult for me to operate with external data sources. I knew Python quite well, but in most cases it was not enough to build proper data pipelines that required gathering data on my own. I hope that this package will help you with your next project.

Even though I do not recommend to use this package for any production systems, I believe that it should be enough to test your assumptions and build some MVPs.


pip install newscatcher --upgrade

Quick Start

from newscatcher import Newscatcher

Get the latest news from (we support thousands of news websites, try yourself!) main news feed

nc = Newscatcher(website = '')
results = nc.get_news()

# results.keys()
# 'url', 'topic', 'language', 'country', 'articles'

# Get the articles
articles = results['articles']

first_article_summary = articles[0]['summary']
first_article_title = articles[0]['title']

Get the latest news from politics feed

nc = Newscatcher(website = '', topic = 'politics')

results = nc.get_news()
articles = results['articles']

There is a limited set of topic that you might find:

'tech', 'news', 'business', 'science', 'finance', 'food', 'politics', 'economics', 'travel', 'entertainment', 'music', 'sport', 'world'

However, not all topics are supported by every newspaper.

How to check which topics are supported by which newspaper:

from newscatcher import describe_url

describe = describe_url('')


Get the list of all news feeds by topic/language/country

If you want to find the full list of supported news websites you can always do so using urls() function

from newscatcher import urls

politic_urls = urls(topic = 'politics')

american_urls = urls(country = 'US')

english_urls = urls(language = 'en')

# Combine any from topic, country, language
american_english_politics_urls = urls(country = 'US', topic = 'politics', language = 'en') 

# note some websites do not explicitly declare their language 
# as a result they will be excluded from queries based on language


Newscatcher Class

from newscatcher import Newscatcher

Newscatcher(website, topic = None)

Please take the base form url of a website (without www.,neither https://, nor / at the end of url).

For example: “nytimes”.com, “” or “”.

Newscatcher.get_news() - Get the latest news from the website of interest.

Allowed topics: tech, news, business, science, finance, food, politics, economics, travel, entertainment, music, sport, world

If no topic is provided, the main feed is returned.

Returns a dictionary of 5 elements:

  1. url - URL of the website
  2. topic - topic of the returned feed
  3. language - language of returned feed
  4. country - country of returned feed
  5. articles - articles of the feed. Feedparser object

Newscatcher.get_headlines() - Returns only the headlines

Newscatcher.print_headlines(n) - Print top n headlines

describe_url() & urls()

Those functions exist to help you navigate through this package

from newscatcher import describe_url

describe_url(website) - Get the main info on the website.

Returns a dictionary of 5 elements:

  1. url - URL of the website
  2. topics - list of all supported topics
  3. language - language of website
  4. country - country of returned feed
  5. main_topic - main topic of a website

from newscatcher import urls

urls(topic = None, language = None, country = None) - Get a list of all supported news websites given any combination of topic, language, country

Returns a list of websites that match your combination of topic, language, country

Supported topics: tech, news, business, science, finance, food, politics, economics, travel, entertainment, music, sport, world

Supported countries: US, GB, DE, FR, IN, RU, ES, BR, IT, CA, AU, NL, PL, NZ, PT, RO, UA, JP, AR, IR, IE, PH, IS, ZA, AT, CL, HR, BG, HU, KR, SZ, AE, EG, VE, CO, SE, CZ, ZH, MT, AZ, GR, BE, LU, IL, LT, NI, MY, TR, BM, NO, ME, SA, RS, BA

Supported languages: EL, IT, ZH, EN, RU, CS, RO, FR, JA, DE, PT, ES, AR, HE, UK, PL, NL, TR, VI, KO, TH, ID, HR, DA, BG, NO, SK, FA, ET, SV, BN, GU, MK, PA, HU, SL, FI, LT, MR, HI

Tech/framework used

The package itself is nothing more than a SQLite database with RSS feed endpoints for each website and some basic wrapper of feedparser.

About Us

We are Newscatcher API team. We are glad that you liked our package.

If you want to search for any news data, consider using our API

Artem Bugara - co-founder of Newscatcher, made v.0.1.0

Maksym Sugonyaka - co-founder of Newscatcher, made v.0.1.0

Becket Trotter - Python Developer, made v.0.2.0



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