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Taking Powersaves as a slave to your will.
(Name courtesy of Normmatt)

What is this?

It's a little thing. Datel's Powersaves can do more than just reading and writing save files, but they won't tell you that.

At the moment, all this does is dump the header of a cartridge. Or, rather, the 0x4000 bytes that you can get up to when communicating with a cartridge and asking for a header.

As it currently stands, this shouldn't really be useful to most people. It may be useful to me in debuging NTRPi in it's respective current form.

This is licenced under the MIT licence, contained in LICENCE.


  • Make sure this is cross platform. This was developed and tested on linux based distros, so the BSDs should be tested, along with Windows and Mac OS.
  • Do more.
  • Add behavior profiles, so that it can act as if it's a DS, DSi, or 3DS, as they all have slight differences in the order of the commands that they send to the cartridge, and some things take note of these differences to send different information. (Ahem, Datel.)


Grab and install hidapi. It's a requirement for this. Run make. Done. That was easy. Or, at least, it should've been. Let me know if it wasn't as easy as it should've been in the issues.


Run ./powerslaves to dump the header of a cartridge to a file. By default, it dumps 0x1000 bytes to 'header.bin'. You can change the file it outputs to with -o and change the number of bytes it reads with -l.


Normmatt, for the C# code this was based off of.
SeddiHz, for being the one to test for me before I could test with my own yet-to-arrive powersaves. >_>
hedgeberg, for inspiring me to work on this and similar projects. (NTRPi)
Everyone in #Cakey(-ot) on freenode.
The developers of hidapi, so that I didn't have to work up the relevant code.
Datel, for making a device that was more flexible than they probably intended.

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