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OMED Project

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OMED project is my project that contains a latest technology available in web development.

Technology Stack


  • Symfony 4 Framework
  • api-platform
  • phpspec
  • Behat
  • Docker


  • React
  • Vue (Not implemented yet)
  • AngularJS (Not implemented yet)


$ cd path/to/omed
$ composer install
$ yarn install

Docker and Debugging

Copy docker/php/99-custom.ini.dist to 99-custom.ini, and edit to match your local environment. By default xdebug is disabled, in order to enable xdebug you need to define in 99-custom.ini:

; path/to/omed/docker/php/99-custom.ini
; xdebug configuration

Start development server by starting a docker:

# or if you have docker
$ cd path/to/omed
$ docker-compose up

Frontend Development

If you working on a frontend, you can watch file changes by using this command:

$ cd path/to/omed
$ yarn watch

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