Keras Core

A multi-backend implementation of the Keras API, with support for TensorFlow, JAX, and PyTorch.

Keras Core is becoming Keras 3 and has moved to keras-team/keras

Multi-backend Keras has a new repo: keras-team/keras. Open any issues / PRs there. keras-team/keras-core is no longer in use.

Keras Core was the codename of the multi-backend Keras project throughout its initial development (April 2023 - July 2023) and its public beta test (July 2023 - September 2023). Now, Keras Core is gearing up to become Keras 3, to be released under the keras name. As such, we've moved development back to keras-team/keras.

Meanwhile, the legacy tf.keras codebase is now available at keras-team/tf-keras.

If you were a contributor to Keras Core -- thank you! Your commits have been reapplied in keras-team/keras under your own authorship, so that your contribution record is fully preserved.

Likewise, if you were a contributor to keras-team/keras before the swap, your contribution history has been fully preserved: the new commits have been reapplied on top of the old git tree.

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