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Awesome Open Source


Yeoman generator for building a simple web app using express + gulp. This scaffold provides a more well-defined project structure that is better suited for developing web apps.


All of the gulp features we support can be found within the gulp folder.

  • Built-in preview server with BrowserSync
  • Automagically compile Sass
  • Automagically lint your javascript
  • Automagically wire-up dependencies installed with Bower
  • Automagically bundle and minify your JS and CSS

Getting Started

  • Install dependencies: npm install --g yo gulp bower
  • Install the generator: npm install --g generator-gulp-express-webapp
  • Run yo gulp-express-webapp to scaffold your webapp
  • Run gulp serve to preview and watch for changes when developing locally
  • Run bower install --save <package> to install any additional frontend dependencies
  • Run gulp to build your webapp for production
  • Run gulp serve:dist to preview the production build



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