Linux Scoringengine

Scoring Engine for UNIX-like and/or GNU/Linux systems used in CTF and/or US AFA CyberPatriot-like competition events (Note: The AFA was not involved in the creation of, and does not endorse, this Software)
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Linux Scoring Engine


The Linux Scoring Engine (hereafter: the "Software") was created and is distributed to be a framework to more easily score how secure a UNIX-like operating systems (such as GNU/Linux distributions) is based on a set of user-defined vulnerabilities or other issues.


The Software was implemented using the Bash scripting language for use on [most] UNIX-like operating systems.
Using the modules/pre-made functions in the file, the user can define the condition for a successful patch/fix of a vulnerability in
The script, when run, should test the system according to the user-defined rules.
This software is recommended to be deployed in a virtual environment. There is no optimization for deployment on physical or virtual hardware.
Please reference the file for more detailed information.

Operating System Compatibility

  • Debian-like
    • Debian
    • Ubuntu
    • Linux Mint
  • Red Hat/Fedora-like
    • RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) (untested)
    • Fedora
    • CentOS (Community ENTerprise Operating System)
  • SUSE-like
    • openSUSE
    • SUSE (untested)
  • Unknown; untested

Use of other works:

The Software relies on these other works of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) by default to provide extra, but optional functionality. The works are as follows:

  • Classification Banner
    • GitHub link: fcaviggia/classification-banner
    • This FOSS provides the ability for the end user to quickly see how many user-defined vulnerabilities have already been patched in a banner at the top of the screen
  • shc Shell Script Compiler
    • GitHub link: neurobin/shc
    • This FOSS provides the ability to "encrypt" or otherwise obfuscate the source code so that the criteria for patching a user-defined vulnerability is hidden from the end user
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