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For an updated version check tiddlystudy

Tiddly Research

Tiddly Research is a distribution of TiddlyWiki5 that includes the following plugins and tweaks:


  • Most of the plugins in the list above were modified in order to fix various incompatibilities between them.
  • Tiddly Research does modify some core javascript tiddlers of TiddlyWiki.
  • Current TiddlyWiki compatibility: 5.1.23


You can run Tiddly Research the same way you would run a standard TiddlyWiki5 file.

Click here to read more about how you can run TiddlyWiki5 files.

Before downloading also make sure to try the tutorial.


I built Tiddly Research to help me create an organized database of all my knowledge, and to make studying more efficient thanks to the Anki sync support.

Hopefully other students will benefit from this project.


akhater, BurningTreeC, crazko, danielo515, Eric Shulman, flibbles, linonetwo, Nicolas Petton, saqimtiaz, sobjornstad, tobibeer

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