Ml Anomaly Detection

Detection of network traffic anomalies using unsupervised machine learning
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100 Days Of Ml Code17,892
a year ago9mitJupyter Notebook
6 days ago6mitPython
Transfer learning / domain adaptation / domain generalization / multi-task learning etc. Papers, codes, datasets, applications, tutorials.-迁移学习
Stanford Cs 229 Machine Learning10,399
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VIP cheatsheets for Stanford's CS 229 Machine Learning
Awesome Artificial Intelligence7,363
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A curated list of Artificial Intelligence (AI) courses, books, video lectures and papers.
Anomaly Detection Resources6,883
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Anomaly detection related books, papers, videos, and toolboxes
Pyod6,845331a day ago83July 05, 2022160bsd-2-clausePython
A Comprehensive and Scalable Python Library for Outlier Detection (Anomaly Detection)
Mlxtend4,283956023 days ago49May 27, 2022128otherPython
A library of extension and helper modules for Python's data analysis and machine learning libraries.
Awesome Community Detection2,111
3 days ago1cc0-1.0Python
A curated list of community detection research papers with implementations.
2 years ago18agpl-3.0Python
The standard package for machine learning with noisy labels and finding mislabeled data. Works with most datasets and models.
Karateclub1,84337 days ago106June 04, 20222gpl-3.0Python
Karate Club: An API Oriented Open-source Python Framework for Unsupervised Learning on Graphs (CIKM 2020)
Alternatives To Ml Anomaly Detection
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[1] Overview

This project was done in the subject, COMP90073 (Security Analytics) taken in Semester2, 2020 in the University of Melbourne.


[2] Features

More details in the anomaly_detection_reports.pdf

  • Feature1: Numeric value (existing + newly generated) + Standardscaler + PCA

  • Feature2: Feature1 + One-hot encoded categorical feature

  • Feature3: Scale (Cumulative features grouped by stream_id + time-based feature) + PCA

[3] Model

  1. Iforest
  2. OneclassSVM

[4] Hyperparameter tuning (2 examples among 6)

  • Criteria of setting a threshold: Accuracy > 0.88 and Max(TPR-FPR)
  1. OCSVM + feature3

alt text

  1. Iforest + feature 3

alt text

[5] Clustering visualisation and Evaluation (2 examples among 6)

  1. OCSVM + feature3


alt text


alt text

  1. Iforest + feature3


alt text


alt text

[6] Interpretation of the result

alt text alt text

  • Attack Timeline alt text

[7] Generating Adversarial samples (FGSM)

  • FGSM generates adversarial samples with the error rate of almost 100%.

alt text

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