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Pandora Box12
2 months agogpl-3.0G-code
USB Scanning device
Ransomware Fud_20189
5 years ago1C#
ransomware encrypte all filles,disque C,disque D,Usb ...etc, filles can not be decrypted
2 months ago
A security script package for Windows
4 years agogpl-3.0Python
These scripts retrieve user files and folders and remove shortcut and autorun viruses from USB storage devices like pendrives. The signature of the shortcut virus(it removes) is that the virus creates a batch script in the folder it affects and converts everything in the folder it affects into a shortcut.
5 years agogpl-2.0HTML
KaiOS Antivirus Source Code
10 months agon,ullgpl-3.0Python
ASTERIX: Automated Sanitazing Terminal with Embedded Relevant Information eXtraction (Sandboxed)
7 years agoShell
Script utilities to make ClamAV (antivirus) more user-friendly from a LiveUSB for non-Linux techs.
4 years agomitVisual Basic
AFTU - Auto Forensics Tool USB, tool developed for Red Teamers to recover key data fast.
4 years agoagpl-3.0Python
USB devices cleaning station for Linux
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KaiOS Anti-Virus Stick 2019 x86 www.kaios.org Released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE 2.0 2019 KaiOS

KaiOS Anti-Virus is not responsible for any damages or data loss caused by using the KaiOS Anti-Virus USB stick. By using the KaiOS Anti-Virus USB stick, the user accepts all responsibility.

Use at your own RISK!

Source code: https://github.com/kaios

Small, customizable 32-bit Linux anti-virus live distrobution using ClamAV.


-32-bit Kernel and binaries -Networking support -OpenSSH client and server support -udhcpc support (Busybox DHCP Client)


  • Computer connected to the internet or network
  • BIOS with USB boot support (Legacy for UEFI boards)


Insert the KaiOS Anti-Virus 2019 Stick into the USB port on your PC. Reboot your PC and enter the BIOS and change the boot order so the bootable live USB stick is the first to boot. Save and exit the BIOS. Please contact your manufacture before accessing the BIOS.

Reboot and KaiOS Anti-Virus 2019 will do the following:

  • Boot into KaiOS Linux
  • Mount all hard drives
  • Create a virus vault in C:/Virus_Vault for infected files
  • Download the latest virus database
  • Scan all hard drives for virus
  • Automatically move all virus to C:/Virus_Vault
  • Create a virus report in C:/Virus_Vault
  • Power off PC

Login: Terminal screen has no authentication. SSH login authentication:

username: root password: kaios

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