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Kahlan is a full-featured Unit & BDD test framework a la RSpec/JSpec which uses a describe-it syntax and moves testing in PHP one step forward.

Kahlan lets you stub or monkey patch your code directly like in Ruby or JavaScript without any required PECL-extensions.


IRC (server) #kahlan (channel)


See the full documentation here


  • PHP 7.1+
  • Composer
  • phpdbg or Xdebug (only required for code coverage analysis)

Main Features

  • RSpec/JSpec syntax
  • Code Coverage metrics (xdebug or phpdbg required)
  • Handy stubbing system (mockery or prophecy are no longer needed)
  • Set stubs on your class methods directly (i.e allows dynamic mocking)
  • Ability to Monkey Patch your code (i.e. allows replacement of core functions/classes on the fly)
  • Check called methods on your classes/instances
  • Built-in Reporters (Terminal or HTML reporting through istanbul or lcov)
  • Built-in Exporters (Coveralls, Code Climate, Scrutinizer, Clover)
  • Extensible, customizable workflow



describe("Example", function() {

    it("makes an expectation", function() {



    it("expects methods to be called", function() {

        $user = new User();
        expect($user)->toReceive('save')->with(['validates' => false]);
        $user->save(['validates' => false]);


    it("stubs a function", function() {

        $user = new User();


    it("stubs a class", function() {

        allow('PDO')->toReceive('prepare', 'fetchAll')->andReturn([['name' => 'bob']]);
        $user = new User();
        expect($user->all())->toBe([['name' => 'bob']]);




Example of default reporting:


Example of verbose reporting:


Example of code coverage on a specific scope:



via Composer

$ composer require --dev kahlan/kahlan

Note: Kahlan uses the Semantic Versioning and maintains a CHANGELOG to help you easily understand what's happening.

via Git clone

git clone git://
cd kahlan
composer install
bin/kahlan              # to run specs or,
bin/kahlan --coverage=4 # to run specs with coverage info for namespaces, classes & methods (require xdebug)

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