ILVR: Conditioning Method for Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Models (ICCV 2021 Oral)
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This is the implementation of ILVR: Conditioning Method for Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Models (ICCV 2021 Oral).

This repository is heavily based on improved diffusion and guided diffusion. We use PyTorch-Resizer for resizing function.


ILVR is a learning-free method for controlling the generation of unconditional DDPMs. ILVR refines each generation step with low-frequency component of purturbed reference image. Our method enables various tasks (image translation, paint-to-image, editing with scribbles) with only a single model trained on a target dataset.


Download pre-trained models

Create a folder models/ and download model checkpoints into it. Here are the unconditional models trained on various datasets: drive

Models are trained on FFHQ, CelebA-HQ, CUB, AFHQ-Dogs, Flowers, and MetFaces with P2-weighting.

You may also try with models from guided diffusion.

ILVR Sampling

First, set PYTHONPATH variable to point to the root of the repository.


Then, place your input image into a folder ref_imgs/.

Run the script. Specify the folder where you want to save the output in --save_dir.

Here, we provide flags for sampling from above models. Feel free to change --down_N and --range_t to adapt downsampling factor and conditioning range from the paper.

Refer to improved diffusion for --timestep_respacing flag.

python scripts/  --attention_resolutions 16 --class_cond False --diffusion_steps 1000 --dropout 0.0 --image_size 256 --learn_sigma True --noise_schedule linear --num_channels 128 --num_head_channels 64 --num_res_blocks 1 --resblock_updown True --use_fp16 False --use_scale_shift_norm True --timestep_respacing 100 --model_path models/ --base_samples ref_imgs/face --down_N 32 --range_t 20 --save_dir output

ILVR sampling is implemented in p_sample_loop_progressive of guided-diffusion/


These are samples generated with N=8 and 16:



These are cat-to-dog samples generated with N=32:



This repo is re-implemention of our method on guided diffusion. Our initial implementation of the paper is based on denoising-diffusion-pytorch.

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