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Zendesk Api Client

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A .netstandard NuGet package for use with the Zendesk v2 API.

Breaking Changes


This is a complete rewrite so expect breaking changes.

Some noteworthy changes include:

  • PostAsync replaced with CreateAsync
  • PutAsync replaced with UpdateAsync
  • Search resource now uses SearchAsync instead of Find, and introduces a new fluent api to replace the old ZendeskQuery<T> class.

Creating a client

To register this in your DI, you just need to call...

services.AddZendeskClient("https://[your_url]", "username", "token");

then you can inject in IZendeskClient anywhere you want to use it. Here you can access all the resources available.

If however you want to use the client in a DI less environment you can do this

var zendeskOptions = new ZendeskOptions
   EndpointUri = "https://[your_url]",
   Username = "username"
   Token = "token"

var loggerFactory = new LoggerFactory();
var zendeskOptionsWrapper = new OptionsWrapper<ZendeskOptions>(zendeskOptions);
var client = new ZendeskClient(new ZendeskApiClient(zendeskOptionsWrapper), loggerFactory.CreateLogger<ZendeskClient>());

Example methods

var ticket = await client.Tickets.GetAsync(1234L); // Get ticket by Id
var tickets = await client.Tickets.GetAllAsync(new [] { 1234L, 4321L }); // 
var ticket = await client.Tickets.UpdateAsync(ticket);
var ticket = await client.Tickets.CreateAsync(ticket);
await client.Tickets.DeleteAsync(1234L);

Searching and filtering

await client.Search.SearchAsync<User>(q => 
    q.WithFilter("email", "[email protected]")

await client.Search.SearchAsync<Organization>(q => 
    q.WithFilter("name", "Cupcake Cafe")

// All non closed tickets
await client.Search.SearchAsync<Ticket>(q => 
    q.WithFilter("status", "closed", FilterOperator.LessThan)

The Zendesk API

The zendesk api documentation is available at Querying and searching is limited by the searchable fields on the zendesk api

Integration Tests

In order to run integration tests against your own zendesk instance use the Cake script provided by:

.\build.ps1 -Target "Run-Integration-Tests" -ScriptArgs '-zendeskUrl="<your zendesk url>"', '-zendeskUsername="<your zendesk username>"', '-zendeskToken="<your zendesk token>"'


We are happy for anyone to contribute into this client, and help us evolve it over time.


We aim to follow Semantic Versioning guidelines within this library. When increasing the version there are multiple places that will need to be changed:

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