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** This repo has been deprecated. The equivalent functionality is now available in JupyterLab itself. Any functionality that might have been added here should go in **

JupyterLab integration for JupyterHub.

This adds a "Hub" menu to JupyterLab that allows a user to log out of JupyterHub or access their JupyterHub control panel. This follows the JupyterLab extension system where an extension is just an npm package, not wrapped in a Python package.


  • JupyterLab.
  • A properly configured JupyterHub.


Setup user environment

To install the extension, run:

jupyter labextension install @jupyterlab/hub-extension

Note that if JupyterHub is served under a sub-directory (for instance /jupyter), you will need to pass this information to JupyterLab via page_config.json. In an Anaconda installation, this file should be created at /path/to/anaconda/share/jupyter/lab/settings/page_config.json.

Example contents of page_config.json:

    "hub_prefix": "/jupyter"

Configure JupyterHub's Spawner to start JupyterLab

Configure JupyterHub's Spawner to start with a JupyterLab that is aware of the JupyterHub by using a with the following entry:

c.Spawner.cmd = ['jupyter-labhub']


For a development install (requires npm version 4 or later), do the following in the repository directory:

npm install
jupyter labextension link .

To rebuild the package and the JupyterLab app after making changes:

npm run build
jupyter lab build

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