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vim-slash provides a set of mappings for enhancing in-buffer search experience in Vim.

  • Automatically clears search highlight when cursor is moved
  • Improved star-search (visual-mode, highlighting without moving)


Using vim-plug:

Plug 'junegunn/vim-slash'

Comparison with vim-oblique

vim-slash is a smaller alternative to vim-oblique. vim-oblique depends on a reimplementation of Vim command-line interface which is incomplete and has a number of issues that cannot be easily fixed. vim-oblique is also much slower than the native /-search when working with large files.

Many features of vim-oblique are missing in vim-slash, but frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.


zz after search

Places the current match at the center of the window.

noremap <plug>(slash-after) zz

Blinking cursor after search using Vim 8 timer

if has('timers')
  " Blink 2 times with 50ms interval
  noremap <expr> <plug>(slash-after) slash#blink(2, 50)

You can prepend zz to the expression: 'zz'.slash#blink(2, 50)

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