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🏷 Real-world API built with NestJs which is intended to be a dummy backend for front-end applications.
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a month ago44February 07, 201849apache-2.0TypeScript
A microservice development architecture based on nest.js. —— 基于 Nest.js 的微服务开发架构。
Nestjs Realworld Example App2,489
7 months ago42TypeScript
Exemplary real world backend API built with NestJS + TypeORM / Prisma
Genal Chat1,683
9 months ago38mitTypeScript
🚀阿童木聊天室 nestjs+vue全栈聊天室 前后端分离 typescript一把梭
Nestjs Mysql Api704
6 months ago1TypeScript
NestJs CRUD for RESTful API使用nestjs+mysql+typeorm+jwt+swagger企业项目中的RBAC权限管理、实现单地方登录。
2 months ago3apache-2.0TypeScript
A blog system written by next.js, nest.js and MySQL.
Nestjs Rest Cqrs Example554
7 days agogpl-3.0TypeScript
Example for Nest.js, MySQL, Redis, REST api, CQRS, DDD
Nest Admin514
17 days ago8mitShell
NestJs CRUD 使用 nestjs + mysql + typeorm + redis + jwt + swagger 企业中后台管理系统项目RBAC权限管理(细粒度到按钮)、实现单点登录等。
Nuxt Blog308
23 days agomitVue
Nestjs Cqrs Starter288
9 months ago8TypeScript
NestJS CQRS Microservices Starter Project
3 years ago9mitJavaScript
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Role based authentication
NestJS-Boilerplate already got you covered, so you don't have to implement a full authentication scheme from scratch.

Authentication features

  • JWT Strategy
  • Register users
  • Login users
  • Login with google
  • Login with facebook
  • User password recovery
  • Email confirmation
  • Phone confirmation
  • Two-factor authentication

Role features

  • Protect API controllers or endpoints with the auth guard
  • Create new roles
  • Enable / disable existing roles
  • Delete existing roles
  • Enable / disable existing roles
  • Bind a specific role to a set of permissions
  • Assign one or many roles to one user
Email sending
Nodemailer to send emails from Node.js and handlebars as the template engine. The boilerplate already has a configuration module that handles all the config parameters. You just have to tweak some environment variables in the .env file like the sender's email and sender's email password, after that you can start designing your email templates.

File uploading
Multer to upload files to the server and all the file organization is handled by the database

----- Under construction -----

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File Upload
Role Based Access Control