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7 months ago1August 10, 202098otherC#
Official software for blink(1) USB RGB LED by ThingM
Wled Wemos Shield355
15 hours ago1mit
Wemos D1 Mini (ESP8266) or Wemos ESP32 D1 Mini (ESP32) based universal shield for WLED firmware
3 years ago19gpl-3.0Java
(LED) Matrix Control Software, supports various Hardware, Keywords: LED Matrix, OSC, Realtime, VJ, Arduino, Teensy, RPI
2 years agomitC
AiLight is a custom firmware for the esp8266 based Ai-Thinker (or equivalent) RGBW WiFi light bulbs
Android Nrf Blinky206
3 months ago9bsd-3-clauseKotlin
nRF Blinky is an application developed targeting an audience of developers who are new to Bluetooth Low Energy
H8mini Acro171
3 years ago1mitC
acro firmware for eachine H8 mini
Esp Dimmer Hardware150
6 years ago1Eagle
Custom hardware designs for a super tiny $5 WiFi (RGB enabled) LED dimmer module based on the ESP8266
Ardupilot Solo134
6 years ago18gpl-3.0C++
5 years ago1otherC
WebUSB LED. Hardware, software, and firmware.
a year ago5wtfplC
:alien: XCAN PRO/PRO FD/FD USB2CAN firmware implementation for cheap STM32F4 hardware
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This repository contains all the source files needed to create a 87 key (tenkeyless) mechanical keyboard. In order to actually build this keep in mind you'll need access to the following.

  • PCB fabrication.
  • CNC, laser or waterjet cutting.
  • Soldering iron and supplies.
  • A source for your switches, stabilizers and electronic components.


Software in this project is licensed under the GPL. See Hardware in this project is licensed under the TAPR. See


  • Tenkeyless layout.
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches and both Cherry and Costar stabilizers.
  • LED support for each key.
  • Does not require a resistor for each LED.
  • N-Key roll-over, no ghosting, 1 diode per switch.
  • Firmware which allows for custom key mapping, macros, de-bouncing and LED control.
  • Mini-B connector.
  • Teensy 2.0++ controller. Some images of a completed prototype based on the designs in this repo are in the "prototype_images" folder. PlatePCB

Project Files

  • /dashkey/* - Firmware for the keyboard, codenamed DashKey. Coded by SiberX.
  • /fabrication/* - Final project files to be sent off and fabricated.
  • /kicad_files/* - Kicad project. Open the file "".
  • /notes/* - Notes explaining the LED configuration, parts list, info on the boost converter, resistors.
  • openclack.skp - Rough 3D render of the project (SketchUp).


There's currently no guide on how to do this but if you're technically inclined it should be doable with all the files contained herein. If someone wants to develop a guide feel free to contribute!

Loading Firmware



Thanks to the folks at for helping out when I had questions about measurements! Also a big thanks to BathroomEpiphanies. Wouldn't have been able to do it without your amazing wiki. Check it out here!

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