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Package s3fs provides a S3 implementation for Go1.16 filesystem interface.

Since S3 is a flat structure, s3fs simulates directories by using prefixes and "/" delim. ModTime on directories is always zero value.

The implementation wraps aws sdk go s3 client.

const bucket = "my-bucket"

s, err := session.NewSession()
if err != nil {

s3fs := s3fs.New(s3.New(s), bucket)

// print out all files in s3 bucket.
_ = fs.WalkDir(s3fs, ".", func(path string, d fs.DirEntry, err error) error {
    if err != nil {
        return err

    if d.IsDir() {
        fmt.Println("dir:", path)
        return nil
    fmt.Println("file:", path)
    return nil


go get


  • Go1.16+

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