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This is jo, a small utility to create JSON objects

$ jo -p name=jo n=17 parser=false
    "name": "jo",
    "n": 17,
    "parser": false

or arrays

$ seq 1 10 | jo -a

It has a manual, and you can read why I wrote jo.

Build from Release tarball

To build from a release you will need a C compiler to install from a source tarball which you download from the Releases page.

tar xvzf jo-1.3.tar.gz
cd jo-1.3
autoreconf -i
make check
make install

Build from Github

Build Status

To install from the repository, you will need a C compiler as well as a relatively recent version of automake and autoconf.

git clone
cd jo
autoreconf -i
make check
make install



brew install jo


sudo port install jo


apt-get install jo


emerge jo


dnf install jo


Thanks to Roger Light, jo is available as a snap package. Use snap install jo from a Linux distro that supports snaps.


scoop install jo

Windows WSL2

As shown in #175 when using git on Windows WSL2 it should be necessary to disable automatic CRLF conversion in git or the tests will fail:

git config --local core.autocrlf false


jo builds and passes all tests on AIX 7.1 using the autoconf, automake, gcc, and pkg-config RPMs from IBM's AIX Toolbox for Open Source Software. The xlclang compiler from IBM's xlC/C++ suite for AIX will also build jo.


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  • json.[ch] by 2011 Joseph A. Adams (joeyadams3.14159[at]
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