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A jQuery plugin to embed interactive images on your website.


Online Demo | CodePen


  • Interactive videos, sounds, images and texts over large pictures
  • Support for popular content providers
  • Social Media sharing capabilities
  • Flexible configuration of markers and items
  • Easily customizable with CSS
  • Unit tested with Mocha


The complete documentation is hosted at Read the docs.
You can discover how to use Interactive Image on CodePen.

Browser Support

Chrome Safari Firefox Edge
Latest ✔ Latest ✔ Latest ✔ Latest ✔


See the full changelog here.


Feel free to contribute and open some issues or pull requests.
See the contributing guidelines here.


Design philosophy

Interactive Image is designed for developers. To that end, it is focused on code quality, tests, security and web performances.
The API and documentation have to be simple and clear as well.


Copyright © 2020 Jean-Philippe Chateau.
This content is released under the MIT license.

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