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Gl Matrix4,8093,5247902 months ago25October 05, 202177mitJavaScript
Javascript Matrix and Vector library for High Performance WebGL apps
a day ago4August 24, 202221apache-2.0C++
Performance-portable, length-agnostic SIMD with runtime dispatch
Packed_simd446865410 months ago6February 05, 201979apache-2.0Rust
Portable Packed SIMD Vectors for Rust standard library
3 months ago45otherJulia
High performance nearest neighbor data structures and algorithms for Julia.
Matrixstats1763802494 months ago50September 17, 202152R
R package: Methods that Apply to Rows and Columns of Matrices (and to Vectors)
3 years ago1mitC++
Expression Templates Library (ETL) with GPU support
a month ago3March 27, 20214apache-2.0Rust
Nudging the compiler to auto-vectorize things
Generictensor4019 months ago15July 01, 202111mitC#
The only library allowing to create Tensors (matrices extension) with custom types
Speed3612322 years ago8July 22, 20219mitGo
A Go implementation of the PCP instrumentation API
8 years ago2January 26, 20153otherHaskell
simple interface to ghc's simd vector support
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This is a benchmark between cairo, skia and vkvg on the model of caskbench, but in c. To be able to test the vulkan backend of skia, I had to patch the experimental c API of skia, the patched branch is set as submodule.

major libs perf comparison

To build skia:

git submodule update --init --recursive
cd external/skia
python2 tools/git-sync-deps
bin/gn gen out/shared --args='is_official_build=true is_component_build=true skia_use_vulkan=true'
ninja -C out/shared

TODO: The global test architecture is ok for the 3 libraries, now we could add more tests. Maybe it would be nice to have cairo and vkvg also as submodule and tag the results with the respective git commit hash.

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