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Jorgicio Custom Overlay

Made with love by Jorge Pizarro Callejas, a.k.a. Jorgicio.


Using Layman

First, install Layman from the official Portage tree. Must use the use-flag USE="git" at the moment of installation.

emerge layman

Then, in the section "overlays" in the /etc/layman/layman.cfg, add the following URL:

That's not needed anymore!!! Now this overlay is added to the official list. Check it here.

And then, run the following command:

layman -f -a jorgicio

And you're done.

If you want to refresh the overlay (and all another overlays), just type:

layman -S

That's all, folks!

Using eselect-repository

Eselect-repository is a new Eselect module intended to manage repositories. It superseed the need for Layman to list, configure, and handle synchronizations of alternate repositories (except some ones like mercurial, bazaar, and g-sorcery). It can handle the repos list in /etc/portage/repos.conf

First, install the eselect-repository package from Portage:

emerge eselect-repository

Then, enable the repo:

eselect repository enable jorgicio

After that, use emaint (already included in Portage) to sync the repo and its files:

emaint sync -r jorgicio

Now you're ready to use this repo. More information about this method, you can find it in the link above.

Note for all people who send pull requests (MUST READ)

All pull requests are welcomed to this repo, but if you do it, please use the Gentoo Git Commit Message Format. Thank you!

Note for all people who doesn't own a Github accound (MUST READ)

If you don't have a Github account, you can email me but ONLY with the tag [Gentoo Overlay] (as you can see it, with brackets and respecting capital letters). Any mail sent without that, can't be read, because is too annoying searching emails when one has a lot of them. With that tag, I can filter it easily, so I can read those emails.

Thanks in advance.

Note for all MATE lovers (READ IT!!!)

For all MATE lovers, there's another overlay to use latter versions of that desktop environment because Gentoo portage version is pretty old. You can check it here, instructions included. Thanks. That information is not needed anymore. MATE packages are already available on the official Portage tree, so I won't maintain that repo anymore. Thanks for the support!

Problem with compatibility with recent versions of ImageMagick? See here

I just created another overlay called magick6-compat, which helps to get rid with the problem of compatibility between both versions of ImageMagick (6.x and 7.x). Feel free to send suggestions, PRs and stuff.

Problem with media-tv/xawtv ? See here

If you have any issue related with mmx at compilation time, you should add this to your /etc/portage/package.use:

media-tv/xawtv -cpu_flags_x86_mmx

For some strange reason, despite being added in the package.use.mask file, it's still active, so you should disable it manually in the meantime.

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