Store Minecraft chunks in Redis
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cachegrand - a modern OSS Key-Value store built for today's hardware
2 months ago22apache-2.0Rust
Mordern Redis Cluster solution for easy operation.
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redis-rstream is a node.js redis read stream which streams binary or utf8 data in chunks from a redis key using an existing redis client (streams2). Tested with mranney/node_redis client.
a year agomitJava
Store Minecraft chunks in Redis
3 years agomitJavaScript
An implementation of REdis Serialization Protocol (RESP).
9 years ago2September 26, 2014bsd-2-clausePython
High Performance Redis Timeseries
Alternatives To Redismine
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A Thursday hack to store Minecraft chunks in Redis instead of using the Anvil file format.

This is based on Spigot 1.8.3, a mod-friendly "fork" of the official Minecraft server.

To run this code, you will first need to obtain Spigot, which can only be legally distributed in source form, so they have provided a very handy tool that sets everything up for you: .

Once the Spigot JAR is in your local Maven repository, it should be as simple as building this project:

$ mvn verify

Make sure you have a Redis server running:

$ echo 'save 300 1' > redis.conf
$ redis-server redis.conf

You can now start a Minecraft server, preferably in an empty directory:

$ mkdir minecraft-data
$ cd minecraft-data
$ java -jar /path/to/redismine/target/redismine-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-shaded.jar
Loading libraries, please wait...

On the first launch, you will need to agree to the Minecraft EULA and restart the server. Just follow the instructions.

After a while, the Minecraft server will start saving chunks to Redis. You can see those by asking Redis:

$ redis-cli keys '*'

Control freaks will be happier monitoring writes to Redis as they happen:

$ redis-cli config set notify-keyspace-events EA && redis-cli --csv psubscribe '__key*__:*'

You can also try breaking a few blocks, stopping the Minecraft server and restarting it to see that your changes persisted. But of course, no .mca files were created.

No guarantees whatsoever are given as to the suitability of this code for any purpose (other than educational, maybe).

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