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Minecraft Transit Railway 3.0

Minecraft Transit Railway is a Minecraft mod based on Hong Kong's MTR, the London Underground, and the New York Subway. It adds trains into the game along with other miscellaneous blocks and items. With this mod, it is possible to build a fully functional railway system in your world!

Video Trailer

Please report any issues or bugs that you find; that would be greatly appreciated! Refer to the todo list to see currently known issues.

Downloads and Installation

Head over to the CurseForge page to download the mod or to see the project information.


There is a new wiki for the mod, right here on GitHub! Take a look.


Help Translate the Mod!

The Crowdin site for the Minecraft Transit Railway mod is available!

Crowdin is a cloud-based platform for translators to contribute to a project. With your help, we can translate the mod to many different languages. You may create a free account to start translating.


Adding Features

  1. Fork this project
  2. On your fork, create a new branch based on the development version branch
  3. Commit your changes to the new branch
  4. Make a Pull Request to merge your branch into the development version of this repository


To build the mod, run the following command in the root directory of the project:

gradlew build -PbuildVersion=<minecraft version>

The mod jar file should be generated in the following directory:

<root>/build/release/MTR-<fabric|forge>-<minecraft version>-<mod version>.jar


This project is licensed with the MIT License. All Noto fonts, bundled with this mod, are licensed with the Open Font License.

Questions? Comments? Complaints?

Let's connect.

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