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rtos-wot 是一個用於學習 FreeRTOS + IoT 的 FreeRTOS 特別版本(distribution),目前使用在我自已的 FreeRTOS + IoT 教育訓練。

為什麼需要一個特別的 FreeRTOS 版本?主要原因是官方的 ESP8266 RTOS SDK 沒有開放源碼,因此計畫維護一份單純用於教育用途的 FreeRTOS 套件。說明如下:

  • 使用 Open Source 的 FreeRTOS 原始碼,能研究並修改 FreeRTOS kernel 原始碼
  • 使用 Open Source 的 lwip 做為 TCP/IP Stacks,能研究 FreeRTOS kernel 原始碼
  • 使用 Contiki 的 CoAP (er-coap) 程式庫,不但有原始碼,也支援較高階的 CoAP APIs,能進行 CoAP 訊息與格式的教學
  • 硬體控制部份,需要一個 Component-based 的程式設計模式
  • 具開放源碼的 FreeRTOS + lwip + CoAP 能進行完整的 Web of Things 全端教學



  • rtos-wot 較適合用於學習用途,正式 IoT 開發,請使用官方的 ESP8266 RTOS SDK
  • rtos-wot 基於 Superhouse 的 esp-open-rtos,請參考 esp-open-rtos



rtos-wot 環境建置指南,請參考 使用 ESP8266 做為 FreeRTOS 的學習與開發環境


  • BSD license (as described in LICENSE) applies to original source files, lwIP. lwIP is Copyright (C) Swedish Institute of Computer Science.

  • FreeRTOS is provided under the GPL with the FreeRTOS linking exception, allowing non-GPL firmwares to be produced using FreeRTOS as the RTOS core. License details in files under FreeRTOS dir. FreeRTOS is Copyright (C) Real Time Engineers Ltd.

  • Source & binary components from the Espressif IOT RTOS SDK were released under the MIT license. Source code components are relicensed here under the BSD license. The original parts are Copyright (C) Espressif Systems.

  • Newlib is covered by several copyrights and licenses, as per the files in the libc directory.

  • mbedTLS is provided under the Apache 2.0 license as described in the file extras/mbedtls/mbedtls/apache-2.0.txt. mbedTLS is Copyright (C) ARM Limited.

  • Components under extras/ may contain different licenses, please see those directories for details.

  • CoAP as in the coap directory is Copyright (c) 2013, Institute for Pervasive Computing, ETH Zurich

  • The examples for FreeRTOS & lwIP 物聯網應用開發, except the examples included in the original FreeRTOS distribution, are provided under the BSD 3-Clause license

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