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Rezonator: Dynamics of human engagement

Welcome to Rezonator!

Rezonator is a project to explore the dynamics of resonance and engagement in dialogue. We strive to capture the expressive complexity and creativity unleashed when people resonate in conversational interaction. We try make the process of inquiry interesting and fun, for players and researchers alike.

  • The Rezonator wiki is the best place to start if you want to learn more about the Rezonator project. It's where we post the big picture of our goals, and the details about our plans for developing for Rezonator. (Or click on a topic at the bottom of this page, which will take you directly to the relevant wiki page.)
  • The Rezonator project board provides up-to-date information on the specific features and issues we are currently working on in the Rezonator project.
  • is our public-facing website, where you can download Rezonator. Or see our latest release on GitHub.
  • Rezonator is an open-source project, offered under the MIT License.

To learn more about Rezonator, check out the following:

  • Roadmap: Plans for Rezonator development
  • Fundamentals: Basic structures that underlie the design of Rezonator
  • Functions: Features and functionality of Rezonator
  • Resources: Links to selected resources that may be useful for building Rezonator
  • Research: Research tools and strategies, including Rezonator Analytics
  • Data: Types of data for use with Rezonator
  • Languages: Extending Rezonator to apply to additional languages
  • Games: Design principles and game concepts for games of resonance
  • Community: Opportunities to contribute to the Rezonator community

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